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Welcome to Plus91 Broadband Services Inc, powered by the world leaders Broadband Pacenet (I) Pvt. Ltd. where affordable high speed Internet access is now a reality.

In Andhra Pradesh Broadband Pacenet services are provided by +PLUS 91 Broadband Services Inc – The Authorized Pacenet Service Distributor delivering lightening-fast Internet services right through your cable line using the Extended LAN Technology added with state of the art wireless internet services.

Broadband Pacenet (I) Pvt. Ltd. a Category "A" ISP with the primary objective of providing internet system and services including Bulk bandwidth, telephony, relay, data transmission, facsimile, television, telematics and value added network services.

A broadband connection to the Internet can be as much as 100 times faster than a "dial-up" service, which uses a copper-based telephone line to connect to the Internet. Indeed, broadband turns surfing the World Wide Web into a sprint, rather than a crawl.

Broadband opens up a new multimedia world in which all kinds of information -- text, graphics, audio and video -- can be delivered to a PC and other devices. That information can then be translated into such traditional forms of entertainment and information as television shows, movies and radio formats. That same digital information also can be used to create an entirely new range of multimedia forms, including:

  • Interactive TV that lets viewers change camera angles and play along with game- show contestants.
  • 3-dimensional games that let players engage with people across the street, as well as on the other side of the world.
  • E-mail that can carry live video and sound.
  • Instantaneous video conferencing services.

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